Limited edition Real Techniques.

Every payday I seem to buy more and more makeup brushes, and this month I bought more, meaning I have a total of 135 makeup brushes! I absolutely adore Real Techniques, for many reasons, and this is a few; 

  1. Every brush use is a different colour – for example eyes are purple. This gives personality to the brushes, as most other brands are either white or black.
  2. The fibres are so soft, and tailored to its job,   for the best result.
  3. They’re labelled, so beginners don’t get brushes mixed up or miss use them, this is easy to know which brush is which when reading the back of the packet.
  4. Each brush set comes with a carry case  or box to store them- the carry cases fold in different ways so they can used to dry the brushes.
  5. They’re not expensive, easy to get hold of and look professional.
  6. Cute as gifts.

…. and as you know the list continues, but this pay day I bought a couple new sets which I had been dying to buy! 

Base set – this set isn’t new and has been around for a while but the game has gone from 0-100 real quick! The brushes in this set are ; contour brush, detailer brush, buffing brush and square foundation brush, and I can safely say the new addition is pure gold. They’ve replaced the pointed foundation brush with a square one! I have already fallen inlove with this set, the original one, but the love has grown now they’ve released this beauty!! 

This set is £20.99, and includes four brushes and a pot for them. I definitely recommend this set for beginners or people who are going for more natural looks, perfect for applying your foundation and concealer.

Prep & prime set – this is a gorgeous new set which Real Technique have released, and I can safely say it’s one of the best ideas ever! They’ve stayed with the same style and colours but given them a little more personality, to show that they’re limited addition. This set includes four tools which I have made essentials during my makeup routine. My favourite part of this set is the sponge stand. 

I actually picked this up as a bargain, in my local Superdrug store, it cost me £9.99 instead of it’s usual price of £24.99, I couldn’t help but buy it. These limited addition sets are currently only available at Superdrug stores, and online at Superdrug. 

Prep & Colour lip set- of course the set is pink! This lip set is beautiful, I’ve only ever used one other real technique lip brush but I can safely say this is the lip set to have! The reviews from others say the same. The set includes four brushes and a case, so you can take them round on the go. As ALL girls know, it’s impossible to find a lipstick which stays on all day. The set includes; exfoliating brush, Lip lining brush, lip brush and lip fan brush. I have only had a chance to use these brushes twice, but I can’t wait to use them again!

I picked up this treasure in Superdrug, for £9.99, as it was on offer due to an event. The set is usually £19.99, which I feel is a good price due to the quality. 

I’m still dying to buy and try the new MultiTech brushes, which when I have got them, I’ll be dying to write about them! 

Thanks for reading my blog. 

Erin x


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