Beauty MUST HAVES!!!

Witch cleansing & toning wipes – not only do these wipes clean, and revitalise the skin, they also smell gorgeous! These are a repeat purchase for me, the wipes are usually around £3 in supermarkets such as; Tesco & Asda, but are on offer for £1.99. So obviously I have stocked up!! 
Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Masks–  I have seen countless people use these, and get such amazing results so I decided to try them out myself! I purchased these as a pack of 30 and use them every 2 days to lash me 2 months. I spent £18, from an online store. I have seen huge improvements to my undereye bags. Love love love these eye masks.
 Anastasia Beverly Hilla Dip Brow, Real Technique liner brush & Technic brow gel– these products are used for my brows daily. I use the gel first to hold the hair in position, I then use then liner brush to apply the dip brow. I prefer to use the liner brush as the brush is smaller and thinner compared to the other brow brishes which are usually used for powder. The Dip Brow isn’t the cheapest and can find duplicates, such as; freedom, MUA, and other drug store brands, but Dip Brow is long lasting and isn’t dry.

  #ProArtist concealer & Studio concealer brush– this is a duplicate of LA Girl concealer, but easier to get hold of in the U.K. I bought it in Superdrug for £3, they come in about 7 different colours. There isn’t a lot of concealer which comes out of the tube so none is wasted and doesn’t try out.

Real Techniques basic and bold metals– amazing brushes, great to blend with and create different looks. I have a total of 42 real technique eye brushes, all used for different colours, and looks. Every brush is different, in size and thickness. My favourite, all time, eyebrush is the crease brush, this is out of the eye starter kit. Good for cut creasing, which is one of my favourite looks!

Naked 2 & 3- best presents I’ve ever been bought in my life! The colours, matte and glitter, are very pigmented! They are easy to blend and give some of the best results. Colours from both work good together, as Naked 2 are nudes and browns, and Naked 3 are pinks!

Lash Domintion from Bare Minerals– this product is good if you have sensitive eyes or are hypoallergenic, the product is costly but so so worth it! It gives the best volume and colour to the lashes to make them stand out. The brush is flexible. Plus, the packaging is SO SO pretty! Favourite make up product, everrrrr! 

Revolution, vivid baked highlighter– GLOW GLOW GLOW!! I use this everyday, no doubt the best highlighter I’ve ever used, and it’s only £3 from Superdrug. Giving lovely silver, and pink tones when caught by the light. Not by me personally, by on the internet, has better reviews than some of the top brands. 

White lighting umbrella
– for best results, use a bright white lighting umbrella, to complete your makeup. This will show any spots you’ve missed, the colour of your face, etc. I use mine mainly when I’m trying new looks: to get the best possible outcome. 

Real Technique Stipling Brush– along with the Expert Face Brush, this is the best brush for applying foundation, it blends the foundation well when using circular motions, and doesn’t leave streaks on the face, unlike some brushes I have used in the past. Absolutely love these brushes! 


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