MIZON – Enjoy Vital-Up Time

The MIZON face sheet is used for hydration of the skin. Due to weather change, parts of my skin has become dry, especially found the nose and lips, so… was recommended this mask. These are usually hard to buy in U.K. shops, but can order online. I found this beauty in a TK Maxx store, for £1.99 and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have oily and red skin, so I have been forever searching for a mask to help with this. And I can honestly say this is one of THE BEST I have used.

How to apply face mask:

  1. You place the sheet on your face, putting the features in the pre prepared hole (lips, nose, eyes) and the slits for the jaw line and cheeks.
  2. Press the sheet onto the face, ensuring all parts are covered using the moisturising liquid in the bag.
  3. The easiest part of all- just relax for 20-25 minutes, and let your skin soak up the moisture.
  4. Remove the face mask, and with clean hands, use one finger with circular motions to ensure all of the moisture has been taken in by the skin.
  5. Wait 5-10 minutes before washing face with warm water and face wash. After washing your face, splash cold water onto face to close pores.

After doing this face mask, my skin felt smooth and healthy. It gave it life and colour. Still 24 hours on, my skin is still feeling smooth. I will decently be purchasing this mask again!


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