Arbonne sample pack from Laura May

First of all, thank you Laura May for delivering this beautiful sample pack to me! When I received this pack, I cannot tell you how excited I was to use the products. Not only does Laura herself take pride in the brand and the fact she works for them, but also other peoples reviews saying how great the products are.

Laura May is a fully qualified make-up artist who is based in Bournemouth, Dorset. Who offers full face makeovers, to hair extensions, to blow dries to masterclasses. I first found out about Laura, her business and her career goals a couple of months ago where I found looks which have inspired my makeup and career aspirations. Laura May is also an Area Manager at Arbonne! I ALWAYS see posts saying how much she loves her business and the business she works for, whilst she’s keeping up her clients and followers up to date with upcoming events, information, offers, etc.

IMG_2341When I saw Laura’s Post saying how she had some sample packs to offer, I couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity! I received my sample pack on Saturday, and I’ve got to say how beautifully it was packed and presented. The Arbonne sample pack included; energy fizz sticks from the essentials range, “it’s a long story” mascara and a makeup primer. I added these products to my everyday makeup routine and I was so impressed!


Firstly, I tried the Fizz Sticks, which you dissolve into water and drink, the flavour was pomegranate. The sticks include vitamin B which helps  keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy. As I suffer from tiredness, although it could just be laziness, I felt a burst of energy after using this product. Not only does the product taste nice, it refreshes you. Also, the product is safe for Vegans, meaning that there are no dairy products included. The fizz sticks are healthy as there is a healthier alternative to sugar included, called stevia, this sweetens the sticks without using sugar. This is the product that is used in the healthy fizzy drink, Coke Life. Overall, I loved this product, and can recommend it to people who lack in energy, or are out of a sleeping routine like me. I will definitely be purchasing this product. The flavour was nice, the product works and is useful, and is not difficult to use/make. Lastly, the products packaging is simple, and easy to read.

Fizz Sticks from Arbonne essentials.

During my makeup routine, I used the makeup primer and the ‘it’s a long story’ mascara.

To start my makeup routine, I used the Arbonne makeup primer. Some primers are oily, but this primer when applied is smooth, soft and kind to the skin. When applying the product to your face, it makes your face matte and soft, after leaving it for a minute or two your makeup is ready to be applied. I use a drug store foundation, so can sometimes go cakey and can become oily after a while. This primer helped keep my makeup for a whole day, of sixth form and work, plus the awful English weather! The primer is wonderful, probably one of the best I’ve ever used!

Makeup Primer by Arbonne

I have naturally long and thick eyelashes, so finding a mascara which doesn’t go clumpy and takes the definition away from my eyelashes.  The ‘it’s long story’ mascara is exactly what I have been looking for. The brush is long, bendy and defined. When applying the mascara, it doesn’t pull on the lashes, come off easily or go clumpy. I usually use Lash Domination by Bare Minerals, because I am hypoallergenic. This is perfect, and a cheaper alternative to my usual product.

‘it’s a long story’ Mascara by Arbonne


One thought on “Arbonne sample pack from Laura May

  1. Hi,
    Will have to look for the mascara, I have used all manor of brands and to be honest even the more expensive ones clump on my lashes. So shall definitely give this ago. Thanks 😎x Goodluck with your blog. G.


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