I am a sixteen year old girl, who lives on the south coast of England in a small town called Bournemouth, with a passion for makeup, but that’s enough about me…

I have had a passion for beauty and makeup since I can remember! I always found it exciting watching others apply their makeup and create different looks, but it’s not only until I owned my first makeup brushes until I realised it was fun, and so interesting. Once makeup wasn’t a necessity and now it’s a complete MUST HAVE. I say it’s a passion which I have for makeup when really an it’s an obsession, owning 120 makeup brushes, and over £600 of makeup, many say it isn’t ‘normal’ or ‘needed’ when they don’t see the beauty like us makeup lovers do!

As this is my first blog post, I will let you know about my favourite brands, why, how I use them and where I bought them;

Bare Minerals- Lash Domination mascara – for people with sensitive eyes like me, they tend to water when product is applied near or on them, I’ve tried everything when it comes to sensitivity and nothing worked, until I found this mascara. £19.50 from boots, the packaging of the product is professional and very subtle, the tube isn’t round like others.

Urban Decay- Naked 2 &3 – these eye shadow palettes some say they’re overrated when they’re the best eye shadow I have ever used. They’re completely organic and come in a packaging which is protective for the product inside and also reflects on the product inside, the colour of the packaging links with the colours on the packaging. I have been using these palettes for over a year and they’ve never disappointed. £38.50.

Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush – Real Techniques are brushes which never fail to let their users down, but the Expert Face Brush is the best one by far. By applying your foundation with this brush, using circular movements lightly, you can create an airbrushed effect which doesn’t make your face look ‘cakey’  but still get full coverage.Available in any drug stores, online, for between £5.5o-£7.99.

L.A. Girl – Pro Concealers (Colour Corrector)-   A couple months back,  I remember reading a blog about these concealers and the way they were used. Living in the UK, they were difficult to get quickly as they’re shipped from the US, but the wait was totally worth it! They have never failed to disappoint; the green corrector is used to cover redness, yellow is used to brighten and red is used to cover dark circles. I paid £3 for each individual tube plus £3 packaging on each, they took around 3 weeks to arrive.

Thank you for reading my first blog post / introduction.



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